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Any product may be purchased on a subscription base.  

What this means?  You now can add a subscription of the each green or greens you'd like and how often you would like to receive them.  Once or twice a month.  It also places you in control of how many containers of greens you'd like.  Cancel at any time or add to your order. 

Pick-ups are always free (Tuesdays).  1 or 2x a month depending on when you order.  I will make sure you receive an email or text verification as to when you would like your pick-up days during the month. Free delivery for 6 mile radius over $24.00.  

Oh and one final thing we have added an option for a re-usable container.  You will find the re-usable container in the product page.  Simply add that to cart one time for $5.00 and swap out your old container for a new one full of fresh green at each pick up. 

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