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Wacousta Greens

Wacousta Green is located in Mid-Michigan.   I started Wacousta Greens to help my family eat more local greens throughout Michigan's winters.  I decided to expand and help provide the entire community with fresh local micro greens. 

All micro greens are grown indoors year around in a temperature controlled room. Wacousta Greens uses non-GMO, heirloom, organic seeds (when available) and organic growing methods.  We do NOT use fertilizers or pesticides. I harvest the same day I deliver or you pick up. Micro greens are packages in 100% compostable containers.  

Our mission at Wacousta Greens is to provide the freshest high quality micro greens to the entire Lansing and surrounding communities. 


Mircogreens Currently Available

Sunflower-  An all-time favorite microgreen. Sunstamtoal, cruncy shoot with a pleasant nutty flavor and icredible nutritional value. 

Radish- A fantastic way to add some beautioful spice to your dish. Grow in a range of beautiful colors from pink to purple to green.

Pea- A delicious, nutritional powerhouse. Taste just like freshly picked peas! 

Salad mix- A colorful and flavorful combination of microgreens that can be enjoyed together/. Contains broccoli, kale, kohlrabi, red acre, cabbage, pac choi and sorrel. 

Broccoli- A great source of vitamin C and fiber.  An heirloom varity characterized by its viberant green and purple colors. 

Wheatgrass-  Dense in essentrial protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins.  It’s sweeter than wheat sprouts but not as sweet as mung or garbanzo bean.

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